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Established in 2003, Healthcare Engineering Service Solutions, Inc. (DBA: HealthENG) provides Biomedical Engineering Patient Safety Inspection and Medical Equipment Repair Service. HealthENG serves the medical community through the maintenance and service of its vital biomedical and related “high technology” equipment. We offer complete service programs tailored to your specific needs. We work hand in hand with various health care providers, offering the most efficient and cost effective electronic and electro-mechanical services available.

HealthENG is dedicated to the management and maintenance of your medical technology. HealthENG is a biomedical engineering company whose staff has been servicing hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and medical/surgical centers since 2003. Our professional staff is highly trained and experienced in all facets of medical technology, and strives to ensure the highest form of customer satisfaction.

At HealthENG we offer a wide variety of services to assist you with maintaining quality equipment, minimizing equipment down-time, and keeping you within compliance of the standards set forth by AAMI, DOH, ECRI, FDA, HIPPA, and the NFPA.

We provide full biomedical services including electrical safety inspections, functional testing, computerized inventory, preventive maintenance, installation, staff in-service, equipment asset management and repair for all of your medical technology.



We are continuously expanding our inventory of replacement parts and accessory items.

The Patient always comes first! Every piece of equipment needs to be routinely tested for proper operation. Regular safety inspections are necessary to discover and correct performance problems before they compromise safety.


Ensuring Patient Safety

We ensure that your medical equipment operates as specified by the device manufacturer

Highly Trained & Dedicated Biomedical Technicians

Every piece of equipment needs to be routinely tested for proper operation.


Our philosophy is presented best by our slogan Ensuring The Health Of Your Medical Technology!

Ensuring The Health Of Your Medical Technology

We focus on the health of your medical technology, so you can focus on the health of your patients!


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Ensuring Patient Safety!

We Are A Local Company And Have Helped Clients Throughout New York and New Jersey.

We Thrive Ourselves On Safety, Effectiveness & Productivity.

Maintenance performed on a regular basis has proven to control service costs & performance.

Patient Safety

Every piece of equipment needs to be routinely tested for proper operation.

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Risk Management

A Medical Equipment Management Program is designed to ensure that equipment is safe.

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Legal Liablity

Liability can be reduced by proper documentation from an inspection procedure.

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We’re Here To Help Your Health Care Facility be Patient Safe and Effective!

Through Biomedical Engineering Support and Consultation.

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